Rental Services

Great equipment is only part of the package for our customers. We pride ourselves on being flexible and providing solutions for every drilling project. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your equipment needs. Our services include:

Air Drilling
Great Plains provides 24-hour air drilling service using the industry’s most efficient, environmentally friendly solutions. Our equipment includes more than 100 high-pressure air compressors, 40 two-stage boosters and 20 enclosed soap houses. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our customers.

Mud Service Delivery
Our mud service is fitted with skid or trailer-mounted 500 bbl mud tanks with electric and/or diesel pumps. This enables our customers to roll mud on location in between jobs, avoiding transport of the OBM back to the vendor for reconditioning.

Rental Services
We carry a large inventory of rental equipment for the drilling industry. This includes drill pipe, drill collars, Hevi-Wate drill pipe, tubing, blowout preventers, frac tanks, mud tanks and mud systems to meet the needs of different regions.

We can customize our equipment per job, so if you have a specific question, contact us here

  • Oil Field Equipment - Compressors and Boosters
  • Equipment for Drilling - Highline Power Unit
  • Oilfield Equipment - Light Plants
  • Oilfield Services - Mobile Boiler Unit
  • Drilling Equipment - Blowout Preventers
  • Oil Equipment Fracturing Tanks
  • Oil Field Equipment - Oilfield Mud Tanks
  • Oil Field Supply - Drill Pipe